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Property disputes & Partition

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Property disputes and partitions involve legal conflicts arising from disagreements over the ownership, use, or division of real estate. These issues can emerge among family members, business partners, or co-owners of a property. Property disputes may include disagreements over boundaries, title ownership, lease agreements, or breach of contract.

Partition, on the other hand, refers to the legal process of dividing jointly-owned property among co-owners. This can be applicable in situations where the owners cannot agree on the use or distribution of the property. The court may order a physical division of the property or, if not feasible, a sale of the property with the proceeds distributed among the co-owners.

Resolving property disputes and partitions often requires legal intervention to interpret property agreements, establish ownership rights, and ensure fair distribution. Legal professionals specializing in real estate law play a crucial role in providing guidance and representation to parties involved in these disputes, helping them navigate the complexities of property law and reach equitable resolutions.