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Matrimonial Disputes

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We are an Insightful and Experienced Divorce Law Lawyers representating and serving clients throughout Coimbatore and India.

We deal with issues relating to child custody and support or the division of marital assets. Determining which parent will get custody and how assets and debt will be divided, involving an emotional factor as much as is the law. Lexicon Law Firm works aggressively for its clients, working to achieve its clients' objectives in a number of family law issues.

Divorce Lawyer/Attorney: Residents of Coimbatore, Tirupur, Pollachi, Udumalpet, Erode, Ooty area who are considering divorce can turn to the law office of Lexicon Law Firm in Coimbatore. We know that although divorce is often the appropriate alternative, it's also a difficult time for all involved. Lexicon Law Firm has been representing individuals going through divorces , and Lexicon Law Firm in Coimbatore acutely aware of the importance of bringing a marriage to a satisfactory resolution, including matters of:

Child support, child custody and visitation Spousal support (alimony) Property and asset division, including pensions and retirement plans, Domestic violence and neglect, Modifications, Prenuptial agreements, Mediation, Paternity, Name changes, Contested and uncontested divorces, Child support, Child custody, Alimony, Post-decree modifications, Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, Move-away cases / relocations, Division of assets and debt.