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Family Law

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The lawyers of the Lexicon Law Firm understand that clients going through divorce or custody proceedings need someone they can rely on, someone who will protect their interests no matter what. Our clients quickly come to appreciate our compassion and pragmatism; the other parties to a dispute quickly learn to respect our strength and resolve.

The range and complexity of legal issues in a divorce can be overwhelming: spousal support, child support, custody and access, division of family assets, sale of the family home, division of pension plans, and much more. We bring lengthy experience and deep expertise with all these matters to advance our clients’ interests.

But developments down the road can cause more trouble: visitation schedules over long weekends and holidays, changes to spousal support in the wake of a new job, the impact of a custodial parent remarrying and moving to a new province. We stand by our clients for the long term and continue to advise and assist them for as long as they need us.

Above all, our aim is to protect our clients’ interests by helping to limit the financial and emotional costs of their family dispute. We have proven expertise at all levels of court, but we seek first to resolve issues through negotiation and mediation.